Pocket/Bluetooth Hearing Aid Amplifier

Body worn type (Pocket type) hearing aids are used for mild to profound hearing loss. As per hearing loss report, this type of hearing aid is selected according to gain already set with the specific hearing aid. Few variety of such gain levels are mild gain hearing aid, moderate to moderately severe gain hearing aid, severe gain hearing aid, profound gain hearing aid. Body worn hearing aid consists of a cabinet with amplifier and a outside receiver connected with wire with the cabinet. It is mainly analog type low cost hearing aid.
Bluetooth hearing aids are hearing devices designed to connect to your other Bluetooth compatible devices.In addition to the devices we normally use in our daily life, from laptops to smart phones, we can now add hearing aids to the list! With Bluetooth-compatibility, wearers experience a whole new world of accessibility.Hearing aids with Bluetooth can help you enjoy modern life, from streaming music to chatting with family.

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